Services / Integration & Implementation


HOI Consulting specializes in creating business value through technology. As experts in the field of integration and implementation, we transform your technology to become an integrated framework providing efficiencies and business advantages.

Information systems are comprised of multiple applications, tools, and platforms serving varying functions, but they create optimal business value when they work seamlessly together.

Innovative business solutions start with intelligent people who know how to integrate and maintain technology in a real business setting. We have built a wide-ranging team of cross-platform technology experts with know-how to serve your needs.

As we have done with several clients in a wide-range of industries, HOI Consulting will organize and improve your outdated systems to generate maximum functionality and value from your technology investments.

HOI Consulting technology services are offered on a project or strategic staffing basis, in both custom and package modes and across multiple technology platforms, operating systems and infrastructures.

Application Expertise

Innovative business solutions require the knowledge of integrating and maintaining technology in a real business setting. HOI Consulting has built an intelligent and diverse team of cross-platform technology professionals with the experience to serve your needs.

HOI Consulting technology services are offered across all technology platforms, operating systems, and infrastructures.

Custom Application Development

Tailored software solutions that fit your business: With rapid development cycles, reduced development costs, and risk alleviation, HOI’s expert custom application team delivers high-value solutions to keep you ahead of the competitors.

HOI Consulting professionals have developed new applications for businesses in various vertical industries. These efforts were typically initiated to secure a competitive advantage with new functionality not yet available in a software package, or to augment a software package and integrate it with existing business processes and systems.

We have proven development methodologies and technical expertise to develop business solutions that best fit your business. These include technologies to bridge the gaps between disparate applications, or to tailor a packaged solution to better fit or enhance your specific business processes. If necessary, we plan and build an entirely new standards-based application infrastructure to address your operational needs of today and the future.

The goals of our custom application development are to deliver the highest value software functionality while reducing your development costs and alleviating your risks. Additionally, we utilize rapid development cycles to create more opportunities for newer technologies and provide better support to your end users.

HOI Consulting has the expertise to develop systems on standardized platforms, including:

Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) – Our experience on the J2EE platform spans precise Internet commerce applications to complete enterprise integration. We can help you jumpstart application development on this platform, based on Tier 1 platforms and open source technologies.

Microsoft .NET – HOI Consulting supports development on Microsoft .NET. With this technology, organizations that use Wintel architecture, we can significantly reduce development time and testing efforts, decrease risk and improve the reliability and overall quality of the applications environment.

Open Source Technologies – HOI consulting supports development with open source technologies, including web servers, application servers, databases, messaging, etc. Utilizing the same methodologies and industry standards for software patterns, protocols and platforms, open source technologies provide a cost effective approach to the commercial alternatives.

Technology & Infrastructure Design:

Ensure peak performance, reliability, and continuity of your business processes with our technology and infrastructure design expertise.

We help you to plan and implement an underlying infrastructure that will optimize the connections between your business processes and technology systems. Our infrastructure design and technology experts will architect all necessary aspects of your system’s foundation: the type and number of devices, connectivity, security, and backup – all with the goal of obtaining peak performance, reliability, and efficiency of your environment as a whole.

With HOI Consulting as your partner, you will gain access to expert architects and  specialists that employ cutting-edge technologies to improve performance, increase stability, reduce failures, and decrease the IT cost. Our consultants become your advantage in guiding and implementing the decisions that can best optimize your business systems.

E-Commerce :

Grow your business and increase revenues. Allow your customers to complete transactions anytime over the Internet with our Web-enabled storefronts and customer service applications.

In today’s world, consumers no longer accept nine-to-five availability of products and services. Commerce is a worldwide pursuit—crossing time zones as well as borders. Even domestic customers now require 24-hour access to the goods and service your business supplies. The emergence of the Internet provides a unique opportunity to do business with anyone—anywhere and anytime.

HOI Consulting can commerce-enable your business on the Internet, allowing you to take full advantage of worldwide business opportunities 24/7. Our experienced online business architects develop, implement and maintain secure business-to-business and business-to-consumer solutions that work with your existing information systems. We provide a customized framework, systems, tools, content and a compelling interface design that lets your customers complete transactions with ease and confidence. HOI Consulting handles all aspects of e-commerce strategy and development, including:

Integration with online payment, order processing, content management, and customer relationship management systems