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Continuously improve application functionality and maintain peak system performance with HOI Consulting’s Quality Assurance and Application Testing Services

A thorough and systematic test strategy is a vital function of application and system continuity. The efficient flow of information across applications is critical for operations in today’s business.  Growth of your business derives transaction volumes and increases the complexity of your data – continuously pushing your systems to their capacity.  The availability and performance of production systems requires a diligent process of tuning and refinement.

HOI Consulting QA Testing does not rely on an individual QA tester but on a system or method. This method starts with user requirements and maps requirements to test cases and test execution. This process creates a detailed trace-ability matrix which enables the validation of all functionality and confirms it has been tested in the appropriate conditions.

HOI Consulting offers a comprehensive application and system testing services designed to ensure system functionality while keeping your business running. We carry out tests to determine: