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HOI has tailored an extensive suite of solutions to all entities involved in the mobile entertainment world. Whether you are a wireless carrier looking for a better on-deck technology and premium content, or a content-provider looking to expand your reach to the mass market of mobile consumers—HOI can support your needs.

HOI develops products and technologies that enable operators to provide – and subscribers to enjoy – an enhanced mobile experience. Our technologies and partnerships allow us to provide the highest-quality mobile content to millions of customers through their handset everyday. Leading mobile operators in the region use HOI solutions and serve millions of mobile users.

 Mobile Solutions:


S@T Browser Menu :

S@T Menu is an added menu that is downloaded to the SIM card , partially static and partially dynamic. HOI has already worked on this project in KSA (STC) with the two main vendors and suppliers of SIM Cards; Gemplus and Schlumberger. HOI has developed this solution and service to STC Saudi Telecom Company the country’s largest mobile operator with over 28M customers since  2002 and is entirely operating it till date with continuous upgrades. This service  has currently over 500,000 subscribers.


Mobile Contents:

HOI provides a wide variety of contents to your mobile through SMS/MMS by selecting while browsing or by subscribing to a specific service through subscription option within the menu and other subscription services. Among the services offered are:

News Bouquet Sports Bouquet  Islamic Bouquet  Fun & Info Bouquet 
Breaking New Sports Breaking News Du’a Ringtones
News Headlines News Sports Headlines In the shelter of Allah Music Videos
Business Headlines Saudi League Breaking In the shelter of the Prophet Movie Clips
Industry Headlines Saudi League Highlights Happy Homes Chatting
IT Headlines International Football Islamic Miscellaneous Cusine Art
Stocks Index Prayer Times Animations
Weather News Man
 Entertainment Headlines
My Husband
My Wife
Joke of the Day
Quote of the Day



Mobile Portal:

HOI has been vigorously active in the development, operation and management of  WEB / WAP services for all the three operators in Saudi Arabia, Syrian and Bahrain directly, and with some other operators in the region through our associates.

ABWAB 1010 (Abwab Portal) is a short-code based service that provides end users with information and contents includes Islamic contents, local news, international news, business news, sport updates as well as entertainment materials.

Also the subscriber can access the portal website ( ) and subscribe with a user name and password. The information is delivered to the end user mobile phone in the form od Short message (SMS) or Multimedia Message(MMS).


Mobile Apps Development:

 HOI is associated with some of world leaders in mobile application development for providing skills and creativity in the platform of J2ME based mobile application development, Symbian development, and recently added Windows smart phone, iPhone , android & black berry application development

 Platforms for mobile application development :


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